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Mass Memories Road Show Is Coming To Peabody!!

The Mass Memories Road Show is a state-wide digital history project with the goal to document the people, places and events in Massachusetts history through family photographs and stories. The goal is to create a digital portrait of all of the Commonwealth's 351 towns and cities.

You are invited to bring 2 or 3 photographs that you believe represent you, your family and/or some aspect of Peabody's history. You can have been here all your life or have moved here recently.

Everyone is invited and it is free!!

Contributed photos range from those of immigrant ancestors to snapshots taken at recent family gatherings. The photos are scanned, then immediately returned to you.

You are also invited to share a 3-4 minute story about your photos on camera; we also take a "keepsake photo" that you will take home with you to document your participation in the Road Show. The images and videos will be indexed and incorporated into the Mass Memories online archive.

The Roadshow will take place on:
Saturday, October 20th
Peabody Senior Center
79 Central Street
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.